I've been absent from blogging, I know. I've been thinking about updating my blog.  Does that count?

I've been working out every morning and continuing to eat healthy and stay in my calorie range.  And I feel more energetic and upbeat! 

We spent a beautiful afternoon at the Leonesse winery last week. It was a gorgeous sunny day and so peaceful out there.  A nice way to finish up our holiday weekend before returning to work.

I've completed my Invisalign treatment and am in my retainers now.  They are clear--a lot like my Invisalign trays--so its not much different than before. I do have to wear them 24/7 for two months and then I go back to my Orthodontist for a check-up.  I will probably be able to go to wearing them only overnight after that appointment. I love my new smile!

We're going down to the desert this weekend for a target shooting day.  It will be a fun outing with some other couples.  It's been awhile since we went out for a target practice day.  The place we usually go closed down, so it's a little bit further trek for everyone.

Just keeping busy with work, hanging out with my hubby and getting healthier!

That's good enough!

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Summer Girl said...

Have fun shooting!