Once upon a time.....no, wait, that is not how this story should start. Let me try that again.

After over 10 years, our mattress was ready for replacement.

Yeah, that's better. After all, this is not a fairy tale. It's 100% true.

Yep, it was time to retire the old Simmons Beautyrest Worldclass mattress to the junkyard.

It had been a good bed, for a long time. But, even after putting a 3 inch memory foam topper on top 9 months ago to get us through till our move (since we really thought we'd be packing up and moving on to Tennessee by now), we realized that the valleys in the mattress were no longer camoflauged by the memory foam and we admitted it was time to get a new bed!

Plus, Bruce was waking with a backache every morning and I was finding it nearly impossible to turn over in a hole.

So, on a Friday night, after eating some dinner out, we headed over to the Sleep Train near us and talked to a super nice young man, Daniel (who reminded us so much of T) about replacing our Beautyrest with the same class of mattress. We laid on each one of the four Beautyrest Worldclass mattresses and decided on a Pillowtop Firm. I felt like Goldilocks.

Fast forward to Tuesday (delivery day). Our much anticipated new Beautyrest mattress arrived and we got a good night's sleep. No more backache for Bruce. No valleys.

But... (you had to know that was coming)...the second through tenth night was hell for me. I hated it. My back ached every morning. In fact, after a week, my whole body hurt. I felt bruised. I tossed and turned. I dreaded bedtime.

It was time to go back and look at beds again.

So, we went back to Sleep Train on the following Friday night and talked to Daniel and tested a Sleep Number (SN) bed. I originally had considered a SN bed but we didn't try it out on our first bed shopping adventure. We laid down on the mattress, found our numbers and rolled around the bed finally deciding that this would be the bed to replace our 'new' Beautyrest mattress. One that would give me the softer mattress I wanted and Bruce the firmness he wanted. SOLD.

So, now we are in day three of the SN bed. So far, so good. Better than the first 'new' bed. We think there is a glitch with firmness control (which we may have to get exchanged) ..but it has not deterred us from sleeping good.

Kona has given our SN bed a thumbs up. Last night, she jumped up with us, but, instead of spending her usual few minutes with us before hopping off to curl up on her own bed (which by the way is a new, comfy Costco dog bed), she instead laid down between us, and flopped to her side, stretched out and immediately began snoring.

She had obviously found HER sleep number, which was MY sleep number. She was hogging most of my side of the bed. And she was dead asleep. Her legs outstretched. Her body heavy. I nudged her with my foot, rooted it underneath her and pushed. I patted her, scratched her back and even touched her feet, which will usually wake her right up. No response. Nada. She only snored louder, deeper, sounder. I finally had to get up out of bed and all but drag her her off the bed.

Well, really, I just used my loud whisper voice to call her off the bed. Her sleepy eyes opened and stared at me. I continued to whisper forcefully (trying not to wake Bruce) and finally she slowly stood up and even slower, made her way down off the bed.

I hopped back in and reclaimed my side of the bed...found a comfy position and slept almost as good as Kona was.

Stay tuned for the rest of the "new" new bed story. I'm hopeful that the story will end "happily ever after".


debby said...

Beth, I love how you documented your new bed "journey." Isn't it funny how important it is when you get older? We were going through the same thing with our old bed (backaches every night). Our new Tempurpedic bed is WONDERFUL. We also considered a Sleep Number bed, but I was too chicken to try it. Maybe next time. Hope it works out for you! Sweet dreams!

Farmer Gal said...

I don't know... Could be a fairy tale... Princess and the Pea?

Our mattress is decent, but for the last four weeks I've been sleeping on a queen size bed at my sister's house and it is oh-so-good. That combined with the fact that Miss Peaches is now sleeping through the night... I'm a changed woman.

Beth said...

Debby...I have heard good things about the Tempurpedic, too. I am hoping that we will be happy enough with the SN. I did not think it was gonna be this big of a deal to find the right mattress!

Beth said...

Laura, so glad that Miss Peaches is sleeping through the night. It makes all the difference in the world...I totally understand.