It almost feels surreal.  I look out my window and see the wooded backdrop beyond my back yard.  The snow frosted trees stretch to the sky above the snow blanketed ground.  It takes my breath away and I blink to make sure this is not a dream. When I open my eyes, it is all still here, making me smile and thankful. 

Just 3  months ago, I was one with long commutes to work, freeway traffic, xeriscaping, water shortages, hot days and nights. In California.  A place I had lived for just about all of my life. A place I'd grown to hate.  My heart yearned for green, for trees, for seasons, and yes, for cold weather. Anyone following my blog knows that my eyes have been on Tennessee for a long time.  And that hasn't changed. 

Last summer, my husband was offered employment in Virginia....and here we are!  In a little more than a month's time, we notified our family and friends, packed up our four bedroom home, flew to Virginia and bought a house and watched a gigantic moving truck pull away with all of our belongings.

We followed two days later, with our RAM loaded with some things we planned to bring out ourselves, our pup, Gemma and all of the excitement of a cross country drive to a new home.

We made it in  6 days.  Gallup, NM to Oklahoma City,OK to Kearney, MO to Lexington, KY and finally Fredericksburg, VA.  Several nights in hotels, a stop to visit and stay with a best friend and a stay with cousins and family before our final stop. 

It was Fall, the glorious color of changing leaves--the weather was still warm and then began to change to crisp chilly mornings and evenings and rain, oh beautiful rain!   I watched every day the leaves slowly falling into our yard...leaving the trees bare and stark against the sky.  The view from our back deck changes daily--I feel so blessed to enjoy the seasonal changes.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and now our first snow! 

I am soaking it all in.  It nurtures my soul.  I love living outside of "town". I love the country roads and my friends I've made here. I love our new church and how welcomed we are.   I love how I feel here.  Alive and energized.  I can feel my creativity again.  I can hear my muse coming out of her long hibernation.

I can feel something good in my writing journey has begun.