So, I thought I'd share a revelation of sorts for me, with all of you.  I'm ditching my "goals" and my bathroom scale. I can hear the chorus of WHAT??  I'll explain.

When I re-started this (weight-loss, get fit, be healthy) journey, I did so with a new perspective.  A perspective that is different from how I have EVER thought about it before.  I've got to do this everyday forever.  Goals hinder me in that process.

So, instead of setting goals that lead to being obsessed and driven to reach a particular number on the scale or even working solely to get into a certain size of clothing, my sole focus now is to begin each day with a promise to eat healthy, whole food, drink 3 liters of water and get in some kind of physical activity. 

Since this is a lifelong commitment (right?), I realized I have to establish good habits, and not make this simply something I am doing to reach a number or even a size. (Because, then what?)

I used to be OBSESSED with my "goals", which was useful for attaining them (short term) but also, left me repetitively disappointed. There are so many variables that can sabotage one's goals and I was vulnerable to each one.  An injury, water weight, muscle gains....none of which can be avoided but which all affect the measure of success toward an ultimate goal.

Getting on the scale and discovering that after a week of on track eating, working out hard each day there was no change...or a gain.  I would be at the least disappointed and in some instances, overcome with defeat and the urge to quit.  Sometimes, I did quit. 

Ultimately, I want to feed my body nourishing food, drink plenty of water and stay active so that I can continue to enjoy good health (or better health).

This thought process is also why I have abandoned my scale, as I shared in another post. I'll admit that it has taken me a very long time to reach this mindset (and never occurred to me to approach it in this manner before) but it feels good.  Manageable for my lifetime.
I know this method won't appeal to everyone or, maybe anyone, and that's okay. I am sharing my thoughts to present an option for consideration for anyone working on weight loss, becoming more physically fit and improving their health.

Bottom line, do what works for you, but do something.

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Summer Girl said...

Your awesome and so glad you realized this too! It's so good. Funny too because our scale got water on it or something so I can't even weigh if I wanted to. Love you!