I didn't plant a garden this year. We moved in December and since then, we've barely gotten a (partial) lawn in, shade on our patio and our pool up with lots more to do--so no garden this year. 

I still plan on making my jalapeno jelly in August, but I will have to buy my jalapenos this year. 

I have perfected my recipe to include three degrees of heat. 
Mild (lots of good flavor and tiny touch of heat)

Medium (enough heat for the masses)

Medium+ (Good heat that the guys really like!)

Habeneros are my secret addition to my original recipe.  You can read about my jelly making adventures here, here and here.

I'm looking forward to making several batches this year--maybe more with heat!  I know the guys will be happy about that! 

July has zipped by and I have still not written close to what I expected to for my Camp NaNoWriMo....anyone else out there participating?

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