Okay, here is a sneak peak of my 99% completed writing space. A space of my own where I can  write, create and brainstorm.  Our newly hung drapes have transformed this room into the cozy place I envisioned when we moved in.

The drapes and light fixture are hanging and I am so happy with the choices for both! 

I am still searching for the "perfect" writer's chair,  For now, I placed one of our dining room chairs with a throw pillow in it to use until I find the one meant for me.

I can't wait to find some beautiful art for the walls and a few decorative pieces for the tops of my bookshelves.


I'm pretty thrilled with the  way it is turning out and I so appreciate my hubby's hard work today getting my drapes hung. Thanks, babe!!!

(I'll post some more pics of the entire window and hanging drapes when sun is not creating such an annoying glare). 

I've had a relaxing and productive weekend.  Those are the best kind!



Summer is approaching and we've got several backyard projects in the works.

Our first project has been to get our lawn is seeded and we are excited to watch our dirt backyard become lush, green grass.  Thanks to HydroFLASH, managing watering (from anywhere in the world we happen to be) just got easier.  We can manage and access all of our yard watering (and home lighting and a ton more functions) from our smartphone!  How cool is that?  I can't wait to start using it for our lights (and not have to worry about messing with timers, adjusting for the time changes, etc).

Check this out!
"With the built in Insteon control interface you can begin controlling just about anything you want around your home or office based on a program schedule or via manual control, all with your smart phone or java enabled web browser! Common uses are home/business lighting, garage door openers, gate openers, thermostats, pool pumps, fountains, green house control, fans, etc. All that is needed is a small plug in Insteon Modem that connects to the HydroFLASH controller and Insteon devices for each item you want to control at your home or business."

Not only a huge time saver (and headache saver) but money savings in water usage, and electricity.  The watering program access weather data via the Internet and when it is raining and will automatically turn the system onto a rain delay mode. 

The second project is what I call our "shade project".  We are trying to figure out the best way to get lots of shade on our patio (without breaking the bank).  We love to spend time out on our patio and will need some shade coverage for the heat of the days of summer.  We have a cool 10 foot adjustable umbrella that provides some good shade and can be moved around.  We used it on Easter for the first time and it worked great!

Our final project is getting our pool set up and ready to use at our new home.  First, we have some leveling of the area we plan to landscape for the pool and covering the dirt surrounding the pool with some small "feet friendly" river stones. 

I will be keeping busy this weekend with our backyard projects and looking for tiny sprouts of green...what are you doing this weekend?