We're down to the wire on our move...just a few more boxes to pack, closets to empty and our bed to take down and we're off to our new address.

I woke up sick yesterday.  I've been fighting a cold all week but Saturday I woke up feeling yucky...with a headache, sneezing, and blowing my nose all morning.  A half dose of Sudafed helped me get through my day of packing boxes and off to a Christmas party at our friends' house for the evening.

It was a nice break for us spending time with friends.

Today, I woke still feeling crummy, but not as bad as I did yesterday. I was awake early after a good night's sleep. We went out for breakfast and I dosed up again with Sudafed and we got a lot done today!  I was so thankful that I had as much energy as I did, even being sick. 

It feels good to be this close to moving and have all the hard work of cleaning out, organizing and packing up our house nearly done.

The best part of moving is just ahead of us.  Unpacking, arranging and settling in to our new home!

I'm looking forward to celebrating Christmas at our new address.

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