Well, I have jumped into NANOWRIMO with both feet and jammed with a storyline that began to just fly out of my fingers onto the screen.  Sure surprised the heck out of me.

For a month now, I have fretted about an outline and coming up with some ideas and that was making me feel very stressed.  When I am stressed, I just want to hide away and usually I get nothing done, so that's what happened with my preparing for my Novel adventure this month. Nothing.  No preparation.

And suddenly, it was November 1st and I had no choice but to begin writing.

Last night, after dinner...I opened my laptop and began typing.  Sentences. I was ecstatic when a character emerged and before I knew it, so had a crazy plot line. 

Just like life, I have no clear idea where this is headed, but I can promise that it's going to be a twisting, quirky ride to get to the end.

I can't wait until tonight when I am able to continue my character's journey!  Day one down.  1,676 words.  On track.


Michelle Griep said...

Woo-hoo! A great beginning for you!

Summer Girl said...

Good job mom! That is such a talent you have! Writing is def not something I have a talent for me thinks. Eager to hear more about it! XOXO

Beth said...

Thank you, Michelle. It feels good to back into a groove of consistent writing! Wishing you the best on yours!

Beth said...

Thank you, sweet daughter! God blesses us with different talents and you have your own amazing set! Love you!!