Well, since I posted last, we have a lot more on our plate for November than we anticipated. 

Our out-of-state kiddos and grandkiddos have returned home and we were starting to get back to our normal routine.  I just finished making the last two batches of my Jalapeno Jelly for 2012 and at the same time, things have begun to shift into high gear around here.

I wrote that I had expected I'd be busier in November working on NANOWRIMO and not have a chance to update my blog.  However, there is something else added to our calendar to monopolize more of our time.

We are moving!

Yes, MOVE.  As in go through and pack up all our stuff and move everything into a new house. We've been considering moving for several months now and only recently have things perfectly fallen into place for that to happen.

So in light of that, I am not sure how much writing I am going to accomplish in November after all, but I am going to do my best to meet my writing goals AND move.  Am I crazy?  Probably... 

Here we go....and we are so excited about our beautiful new home and change of address!

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