The good news is that the annoying itching has improved.  Still get it once or twice a day...on my hands and feet...but not taking anything for it and maybe I am just used to it or dealing with it.  I dunno.

I had an awesome day yesterday with our grandson, Ethan.  Mama and Daddy had a date day and he stayed with me.  He took a good nap for me and we strolled around the neighborhood (Memaw got some good exercise and Ethan enjoyed his Memaw talking to him while we walked).

Ethan is a happy boy and such a smiler and I am so blessed!   I had the best day with him and can't wait to spend another day with him. 

I am looking forward to seeing my other three sweeties in September when we meet them at Disneyland. 

This Memaw is a happy camper!  I have four sweet, adorable grandchildren who have me wrapped around their itsy-bitsy fingers.

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