We love our bikes and we're having a great time getting out and riding them.  However, I have to admit, that when it comes to the open road, me and my bike shall never be brave enough to roll together with CARS and TRUCKS and BUSES. We have been sticking to primarily bike/pedestrian routes and paths.

My opinion is that cyclists (I keep wanting to type bikers and realize that is a completely different form of two wheel rider than me) belong on the sidewalk (away from traffic) and should then defer to pedestrian traffic).  I agree that if no sidewalk exists, the cyclists should have the choice to use the "bike lanes" but this should not be our only choice when a sidewalk exists.   I will probably venture out into my neighborhood for bike rides, but cycling with lanes of traffic does not sound like a good time to me.  Give me a bike path, please.

The system of sharing the route with pedestrians works pretty well on boardwalks.  We had our first experience yesterday "sharing the boardwalk" with walkers, strollers, leashed dogs, little kids on little bikes, tourists and joggers and it was not too bad. 

It's kind of cool (in a nerdy sort of way) to look ahead of me and to calculate whether I should speed up and go around the folks strolling ahead of me, before I get to oncoming walking or bike traffic on the other side, or just slow down and bide my time.  I guess it's another form of 'puzzle solving' and should be helping my aging brain from succumbing to "forgetfulness"...biking the boardwalk and Mahjong. haha!  Whatever keeps me young....biking is sure an awesome way to get exercise!

We got to the beach Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. hoping to avoid most of the touristy crowd and bike Ocean Front Walk from the jetty at South Mission Beach to a few blocks past Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach.  It was overcast and damp (typical early morning San Diego weather) and we had hot cups of coffee perched in our Electra cup holders because that's how we roll. We must have coffee in the morning.  Every morning! 

We parked at the Jetty, hopped on our bikes and began peddling our way down the boardwalk.  Most of the residences lining the boardwalk are summer rentals and the visiting peeps were emerging from inside to their patios to read the paper. people-watch and sip cups of coffee. Several greeted acquaintances they recognized and quickly became engrossed in easy conversation (as we swerved around) making our way north. 

We stopped for a couple of photo taking opportunities and after we reached the end turned around and rode back to the jetty.

Going earlier in the morning on a weekend made our first trip down the boardwalk a blast!  We're planning on many repeat rides this summer.

There is also a Baywalk route that connects from the jetty that we plan to add on, too!  Tomorrow we are heading back to the Bay to ride for a couple of hours before we join our friends around a fire ring for dinner, conversation and laughs.



We picked up our bikes today and then we went to Mission Bay and rode over 7 miles.  It was a gorgeous sunny day and there were lots of other bicyclists, joggers, families, skateboarders, kite flyers and walkers.  That doesn't count all of the people enjoying the water, too!

We're back home and we're getting ready to put some burgers on the grill and close out our weekend.

I have to say, it's been an awesome weekend!



Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for since January. 

We ordered our bikes (Electra Townie 8i Balloon) in late January and after months of (epic) waiting, we are going to go pick up our bikes (AT LAST). 

Stay tuned for photos of our bikes!  Finally, on the eve of the day we drive to the bike store to take delivery of our beloved Townies, I am feeling the excitement of a kid on Christmas Eve. 

We're going to have breakfast tomorrow morning at a cafe near the bike shop, sip coffee, fidget, check the time on our smartphones, and wait for the bike shop to open. 

I can't wait to share photos of our bikes.  We have waited so darn long for them to arrive!  We will be taking a maiden voyage on them around Mission Bay after we take delivery of them! 

A big day at our house.



Summer is here. 

Warm weather has arrived, my garden is growing and our pool temperature is up to 88 degrees.  We're grilling out more and beginning to spend time on the patio. 

We've also been dealing with trouble shooting our dog's tummy issues which started with vomiting two or three days a week and did not improve with a diet of boiled rice and chicken.  After visits to the vet, exam,bloodwork and labs and an abdominal ultrasound...the diagnosis is IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) which is manageable with diet.  It's been physically and emotionally exhausting  and we are hoping and praying a diet change will be the solution. She is also on an antibiotic regime for two weeks.

On top of that, on Sunday afternoon, I pulled a muscle in my back and have been on my own regime of Motrin, ice, heat, and rest.  I expect that in two weeks I will be feeling normal again.   I am thankful for our pool's warm water temperatures because it has been such a treat to get in and relax in a Papasan float (made by Swimways) for an hour or so. 

In other news, we have our fingers crossed that our bikes will actually be in our LBS (local bike shop) this weekend for us to pick up!  The delay has been because of the fact that the parts for the internal gears come from Japan and have been back ordered due to the earthquake and Tsunami that devastated Japan.  Our first delivery date was mid April, then mid June and now....July 6th. 

If Kona is showing improvement, her "auntie Linda" is going to be hanging here and staying with her while we spend our anniversary (♥ #10 ♥) weekend in Dana Point and we are taking our bikes!!

Today, we are hanging at home with our pup.  Some floating in the pool, some reading, and grilling blackened fish tacos, with homemade pico de gallo, guacamole and margaritas for our July 4th dinner.  We had other plans for our celebration, but we're making the best of it with our pupster.

Enjoy your Fourth of July!  Have a blessed day and celebrate our precious freedom and don't forget those who serve our country to protect it!