I realize that I am going to have to blog a recap of another week.

Wow, I really need to be better about blogging.  But honestly, there hasn't been a lot of day to day stuff to blog about lately, thus, no blogging. 

Or maybe I just haven't had the "umph" to actually blog. It's one of those reasons....but I don't have the "umph" to decide which one it is...

I know you are shaking your head right now. 

I see you. 

So, without any further adieu, here is the recap for your reading and viewing pleasure.... *drumroll*

Last weekend, I attended a friend's 50th birthday party, which was so much fun.  I especially loved listening to the band, ShowDown who played lots of great Southern Rock!  Awesome band and a great party!  Here is one shot of the band playing.

And one of the birthday girl and her dad dancing.  We have been family friends since we were in elementary school when our parents were in the same Sunday School class! 

Some girlfriends and I all went out for wine and catching up and laughing ourselves silly. We had such a good time together!  We're talking about joining a bowling league together this fall...Now that is gonna be a hoot and a half!  haha!

Soaking in all the cute pics of our grandbabies and a short visit with Ethan...little cuddle bug on Memorial Day.  I can't get enough of them!  What's a Memaw to do? 

And lastly...I had some down time at home (in between birthday partying and girls' night outting) while Bruce was playing in a softball tournament in Reno last weekend. Nice break from all of my socializing.


That's a wrap folks!


Summer Girl said...

Looks like a fun time! Pic of Ethan makes me wish Sarah would take a paci!

Beth said...

still no paci? I thought maybe she was taking one now. They're all different, that is for sure!

Laura said...

I wasn't shaking my head... I was nodding! Sometimes I'm just too busy, or not feeling creative enough, to blog! I think that's okay when you're enjoying life!