I have had a productive, good weekend.

It was a perfect balance between getting things done and relaxing.  Crossing things off my to-do list and we had a really good visit with Cameron, Heather and Ethan. We took up some steaks to put on the grill and enjoyed some yummy baked potatoes,a spring greens salad, and sipped homemade Mead with dinner (Cameron's hobby).  It was delicious!

I was in heaven holding sweet Ethan and kissing his sweet cheeks.  He is such a sweet baby.  He is a month old today!

I trimmed the ends of my hair--still growing it out; organized my closet and drawers (digging out some more clothes that I am not going to ever wear again); did my nails and painted them a bright spring red to match my toesies.

I read some more of my Goldie Hawn book--still not finished; mailed a box off to my darling daughter; made myself a hashbrown/scrambled egg burrito for breakfast and sipped 3 mugs of coffee.

Laundry is going...one load in the dryer and one in the washer and enjoying the close of the day.

Yeah, I had a good weekend.

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