I am a Mother because of my children. I owe them a debt of gratitude.

I could not be the person I am today if it were not for all of them.  I learned so much about being flexible, patient and how to listen to my gut...just from raising them.  They taught me so much about life.  They taught me important lessons. As much as they learned from me, I learned from them. I learned so many things.  Too many to list. But here are a few.

I learned what it feels like to hold my babe brand new, placed in my arms, eyes struggling to open to look at me.  How raw and real that feels.  I learned how precious those moments in the middle of the night were--when I was nursing my newborns..just me and my child.  I learned the way my child's smile can light up my world. Every single time they smile. Even now.

I learned that my pediatrician really did know what he was talking about and to relax and not worry so much. That was a tough one.  I must have driven him crazy with all my calls about fevers and symptoms of what I thought must have been some horrid disease.

I learned that all kids really do stay dry through the night well before they get to college and not to compare myself against other parents. I learned that my children's disappointments are mine, their pain is mine and how it feels to go all "mama bear" for my children.  I embraced my role as their protector from the time they left my womb!  I realized early on that I would give my life for my children without hesitation.

I learned that pacifiers are okay and 'Pyjamas Don't Matter' (Thank you, Trish Gibben).  Kisses and hugs, snuggles in bed and prayers in the middle of the night DO matter. Kissed boo-boos are big deals.  Chaos is normal...and okay. 

Sleepless nights are worth it.  No matter the reason.  A child that needs to be held and rocked, waiting for a teen child to come home from work or a date, a visit from law enforcement at 3 a.m. delivering a child safely back home.  Time well spent and lessons worth learning.

My children taught me patience.  They taught me to pray without ceasing.  They taught me to be silly and to keep laughing.  They gave me the gift of daily joy. They made me strong and tough.  They were my light in dark times.  They lifted me with their love.  They saved me.

There is so much more...I am forever indebted to my children.  I am honored to be their Mother. I thank God every single day for giving me these amazing children to love and raise!

This Mother's Day, I want to take the time to say Thank You to my children for everything you have given me! I love you so much! 

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