Sometimes I am left shaken or moved emotionally when I've read or heard something that speaks so deeply to me that I am ready to act on it. It happens when I least expect it to and I think that is when I know it is something profound. Something important.  It is God's voice whispering in my ear and the message goes straight to my gut.  Ever have that happen?

At that precise moment, I am ready to leap into action. There is an urgency pulsing through me.  Quick! Before my life gets so busy again that I lose track of that moment of passion that washed over me as I read the words.  Before it becomes unimportant.  Before I put it aside, compartmentalizing into another part of my brain and promising to act on it another day.  Tomorrow.

Last week, I packed a book I had bought several years ago, thinking I would read it sooner rather than later, but then here I was, so many years later, tossing it in my suitcase this past weekend and opening it for the first time on our return flight.

I took it out of my purse to read and take my mind off of the fact that our plane felt like some kind of poorly constructed carnival ride as we were tossed side to side and falling suddenly off of pockets of unstable air, making me wonder if this was the day I would die.  (I always think that thought when I fly because it I am still in awe that something SO huge and heavy can actually take off the ground and stay up in the air).

The book I am reading is Goldie: A Lotus Grows in the Mud by Goldie Hawn. It is very good and I would recommend it.

I still have 1/3 more of the book to read before I am finished, and I will add more of my thoughts and comments after I have completed it later this week.

This book, so far, has definitely made me pause for periods of reflection and instilled a sense of urgency to do certain things in my own life.  I have been inspired and brought to tears over some of her experiences that I can connect with in my own life. 

Though I still have more to read, I am reminded that life is short and we must do the things our heart tells us to do, when we hear it speak to us and not wait until it is then too late.

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