We've been busy with painting projects in our house.  Last weekend, we got hit with a cold winter storm...lots of rain, wind and cold temperatures, so it proved to be a good weekend to work on home improvement projects. 

We worked all day Saturday and stripped off a ton of wallpaper, wiped down the walls and applied fresh coats of paint.  What a difference it has made to our house!  We kept the wall color neutral (a soft suede color) and the trim and doors a pearl shade for all of the main walls.  We went bold in the kitchen and we both love it.  I wasn't sure when I started on the first coat...but after I finished painting all of the walls and putting a second coat on, I loved it. 

It has a Tuscan feel to it and I plan to accessorize with that theme.  I have two plates to hang in that bare space over the stove...I just have to get the plate hangers tonight.

The photos are kind of dark and the paint is a richer deeper shade that the photos show.  The color goes perfect with the sunflower canisters above the stove. I think it looks more yellow in these photos....but these were the best of the ones I have taken (and they were taken with my phone). I'll have to dig out my camera and take some more--after I hang the plates!

We've painted our bedroom, entry hall, a wall in our dining room (we have to empty and move china cupboards to paint the others) and one of the walls in the living room (we have more wallpaper to strip before we can paint the other two walls but ran out of time for this project). 

Of course, our list of things to do just keeps growing....but we're enjoying the projects and we're happy with the results.

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Summer Girl said...

That is a great color!!! It does look more yellow, but I like it. Don't envy you guys moving the china cabinet. But glad you are liking the improvements!