I'm back on the treadmill.  Yep, my early morning workouts have resumed after my injury-induced-week haitus. 

My knees are still badly bruised as is the side of my left hand (when I fell on it).  But neither are bothering me enough to keep me off the treadmill. 

The stitches are out and the scrapes on my face are just about completely healed.  I still have ugly scabs on the top of my left hand, but they are finally beginning to heal.

I am thrilled that I dropped a couple more pounds during my rest and recovery period because I was faithfully tracking my food and calories and drinking a lot of water! 

So, now it is time to add my 4 mile weekend walks back in...

I'm nervous, but I guess it's kind of like getting bucked off a horse...just gotta climb back on.  *sigh*  

I'm just saying that it ain't gonna be easy.

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Laura said...

Way to go!

Just wanted to say 'thanks' for your comment on my site about the whale and dolphins. That is so cool!