I've been home from work for two days recovering from my injuries in my fall.  I look pretty awful still...and still feel crummy, too.  My whole body still hurts.  My triceps especially and then, my back, knees, back of my left hand and face...in that order. 

I have to clean my wounds several times a day and keep them all covered with ointment to help prevent scabbing and scarring.  Staying on a heating pad and taking Tylenol every four hours. Following my doctor's orders for aftercare.

I took this photo yesterday.

And this one this morning.

Not much is going on with me except a lot of rest and healing.  Wrapping up here.  Have yourself a good day!


Summer Girl said...

Well when you look at them side by side, it does look like its getting better. Your eyes don't look so puffy. We gotta get you looking pretty again for your visit! Love you and sending prayers for a quick recovery!

Beth said...

Yeah, I am on the road to recovery. Looks even better tonight...and I feel so much better, too! Late this morning, 90% of the crippling soreness left and I started feeling like me again!!