I have several really great Apps on my Droid phone, but my all time favorite is one called 'Out of Milk'.  (Apple has a similar one for IPhone).  It's a FREE grocery list application and lets you create multiple lists in case (like me) you shop at more than one place. 

I currently have three lists--Grocery, Costco and Walmart.  I can move items between my lists, add them from my history (when you delete them from your list, they go into your history).  As I place the item in my cart, I can line it off on my phone and the item goes to the bottom of my list. 

Since I have my phone with me everywhere, whenever I remember something we need, I can simply add it to my list on my phone.  No more scraps of paper floating around my house, at my office or in my purse!

When you start typing in an item, there are default items in the database that will pop up and you can just add (saving you time).  You can customize and specify your own brands or items that are not in the database too!

Bonus!  It also has a Pantry list and Spice Rack with numerous items that are found in your pantry and spice rack.  You can also customize those items/list to fit your family's tastes or cooking style and add from the pantry and spice rack lists to your shopping lists! 

It also has a barcode scanner to use to add items to your lists!  There are some other bells and whistles that I am not using but you may love.  You can check them out. 

And that's not all... *drumroll*  It has a To-Do List! 

Did I mention that it's FREE?  It does have a Pro version for $2.99 that has gotten stellar reviews too, but I have the free version and am quite happy with it.

This App has truly made my shopping more organized (and me less crazed).  No more hunting for a pen to cross off my list, or cursing myself for leaving my list sitting on the kitchen counter!  You know you've done that! 

Now if I can just remember to bring my shopping bags from the car into the store with me...is there an app for that?


Summer Girl said...

lol..yeah exactly..I used to do good remembering them when they were in the car. Now I have a hard time remembering to put them in the car! I'm like, "OK I got the kids, planner, list...kids..jacket..diaper bag...crate the dogs..keys..coupons..kids..sunglasses..ok we can go! LOL!! Love you!!

Laura said...

Your super bowl menu sounded so yummy! I was naughty and indulged in too much cheese dip that day. But oh well... 13 pounds of weight loss in Jan.? That's awesome!

I'm a simple girl with a simple phone. I don't even text. However, that app does look like it would make my life easier. Hmmmmm....