I literally jumped feet first into my first new year resolution Tuesday morning.  I hopped on the treadmill and churned out 30 minutes. 

We had already overhauled our eating plan over the weekend--after we emptied the fridge of all the dangerous, rich desserts and food (and transformed our leftover ham into bean soup).

So we're off to a really good start on that front...but the workouts seem the harder part of the equation for me.  At least at first...

Today is Day Three of my cardio routine.  They say it takes a month to make or break a habit and I believe it. 

I think someone forgot to tell my body that exercise is a good thing for it.  I had two consecutive nights of crummy sleep and then this morning after a welcomed good night of slumber, I awoke feeling as if I were in slow motion and my legs were made of lead.  I think I was finally feeling the effects of two nights of not sleeping deeply.

Still, I managed to get into my workout clothes, groggily find my way out to the garage, water bottle in hand, and complete my 30 minutes on the treadmill, despite my brain and body's clear objections.  Every cell in my body thought this was a BAD idea. I was unconvinced.  I kept saying, I have made a commitment to my health and I am determined to keep it.  

But those 30 minutes seemed to last forever.  I did everything I could to make it bearable.  I kept searching for motivating music on my Ipod, hoping that it would suddenly change my state of mind and I'd breeze through the rest of my workout.

Each time I looked at that time remaining I'd have a pep talk...Oh, good there are less than 20 minutes left...cool!  Now, over half way!  Yes, less than 10 minutes...you can do this!  Less than 5 minutes...you've GOT this!

FINALLY, it was over.  And yes, that is EXACTLY how it felt.  Man, it was TOUGH! But I did it.

I am going to celebrate my small successes...right now, my focus has to remain on the positive aspects of this journey.

Anyone else riding on the "workout train" this week? 


Summer Girl said...

Nope! LOL but I am riding the I don't want to clean my house train, but it sure is dusty so I better get out the pledge! :P Love you and think your doing great and Bruce too!

Laura said...

Way to go! I hit the Nordic Track one evening and did a little yoga/stretching... That's as far as I've gotten, but I have been trying eat well. Hoping for a healthy new year!