We are heading to Vegas.  I have a short work week, but my workload is not lessened, so I am desperately trying to meet my deadlines before we leave. 

I haven't been able to blog lately because I've been busy coordinating our departure to-do's with our kids' arrival at our house and dog/cat sitting lists, getting the guest room ready and simultaneously working on camping prep for Thanksgiving (more to come on that later).

I didn't plan it this way.  Really.

When the trip to Vegas came up (many moons ago) and I jumped on the chance to get out of town for a few days, there was nothing else on our calendar for November.  Absolutely nuttin.

In the meantime, our calendar exploded with a bunch of fun events (wedding, youngest son home on leave, Thanksgiving camping trip).  All in the same month.  Even overlapping in some instances.

At first I was overwhelmed.  Then I just jumped in and made a bunch of lists and put everything on my calendars.  I have three.  One at home, one at work and one on my phone.  Best to be prepared, right? That helped calm me down and helped me be productive instead of frozen in panic.  So far, it's working.

Anyway, I will be off the grid, so to speak, for several days while we live it up in Vegas.  You can find me at a nickel slot machine or playing Keno.  That's how I roll.


Summer Girl said...

Yeah win big mom!! lol Your going to have a blast!

Laura said...

Have fun!