I lasted a week off of Facebook. It was a good week--after the 24 hours of withdrawal, it was good. 

But for various reasons, I decided there were more benefits than drawbacks(keeping up with my kiddos and family who live out of town, for one) for me to have a Facebook account so, I made some changes to my account that made it work for me.

I am still off of Twitter and Google +, which still made sense and keeps my social networking time to a minimum.

Can I share one more confession? 

Let me start from the beginning.

I had a Pinterest invite sitting in my email inbox.  It's been there quite awhile and yesterday while I was purging my old emails, organizing the ones I needed to save, and emptying my spam and trash folders....I registered an account with Pinterest.

Oh, my...need I say more?  Do you have Pinterest?  If you don't...let me just warn you...danger, will robinson.  You may need to take provisions with you when you login. It's a wonderland of coolness and easy to get lost in the maze of boards overflowing with a lot of good stuff.

You've been warned.

I perused the site last night and pinned some things on my board and I already have a ton of craft ideas buzzing in my head.  Back in the day, when my kids were small (and you'd think I would have less time) I had a lot of craft projects going all the time. 

The difference is technology.  Less technology=more crafts.

I promise to share what I find and make with y'all. 

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