We've had a super busy day today.  All day.  And I loved every minute of it.

We began our morning with some errand running for our Thanksgiving camping trip.  We got a heavy duty camping grill, two chairs for Grace & Aaron, some glo-sticks, and a tailgate toss game to play in the desert.  We finished up with a visit to the restaurant and an errand for the rehearsal dinner we'll be hosting.

We stopped for some dinner at California Pizza Kitchen before heading back home.  My Asparagus Spinach Parmesan Spaghettini was so delicious and I savored my glass of chilled Riesling.  It was a nice break in our go-go-go schedule.

Tonight, Bruce designed and worked hard to perfect the custom Rehearsal Dinner invitations.  After trial and error and success, they are ready to assemble and mail out. 

I have some ideas for decorating the tables and am going to get busy with that. 

It feels good to close my day with so much accomplishment and organization.

G'night all.

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Laura said...

What is it about organization that is so fulfilling? I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum today... Stressing because I don't have time to keep up with everything. Messes make me crazy! Maybe I need to follow your lead with that glass of reisling.