Where have I been?  I've been well; just busy and not in a very bloggy mood either. You know how that is.  Right?

So now that I have come out of my hiatus I'll attempt to fill y'all in on my goings-on for the past two weeks.


Our Labor Day weekend was relaxed and it ended with rain. 

Saturday was warm and sunny and filled with errands and a family birthday barbeque for my momma at my brother's house. Good food and good company...oh, and exceptionally good cake!

Sunday was also warm and sunny and we went to the La Jolla Open Aire Market and did some shopping and then we made our first visit to Mt. Soledad.  It was a beautiful day and the views from Mt. Soledad are amazing!  The tributes to our Veterans were both sobering and inspiring.  There are so many stories brought together in one place. Here are some pics I took with my phone (neither one of us thought to bring either one of our cameras!  duh!)

The beautiful cross 

A slice of the view to the ocean from the Monument

One last photo of the cross and the Flag

Sunday evening, we made homemade ravioli for dinner.  Bruce made the dough and cheese filling and we worked as a team to pull the dough through the pasta roller and create the individual raviolis.  It was comical at times, and it turned out delicious!  Well worth the work and comic relief.  We opened a bottle of Petite Syrah and heated the small loaf of fresh sourdough bread we bought at the Open Aire Market that morning.

Monday dawned with clouds and rain.  Then thunder and more rain.  And more rain.  The sun broke through a few times, but the rain prevailed throughout the day and evening. Seriously, it was so un-California like weather for September. Our plants loved it and I was pleased we were relieved from our watering chore, so it was a win-win.


Last week at work was so bad...well, it's better to leave that subject alone, lest I get so stressed out again that I need a vacation locked in a padded room!  LOL!  Let's just say I'm happy to have survived it and this week is so much better. 

Last weekend, I made two more recipes of jalapeno jelly.  One of the batches included a seeded habenero chile and it is HOT.  I had originally intended to make the second batch with two seeded habenero chiles, but after tasting a bit of the first, I decided that there probably weren't that many people out there that wanted their jelly any hotter, so I made another batch of my original recipe. 


September 11 was a day of reflection.

I woke up earlier than I usually do on the weekend. The house was quiet. I started the coffee and turned the television on. Most of the stations were covering the 9-11 memorial in New York. Remembering the lives lost that day in New York, Arlington and Pennsylvania.

I somberly listened as the names were called and my heart ached hearing the emotional tributes given in honor of the loved ones lost that day. I felt sadness, anger and hope at the same time. I so clearly relived how I felt that day.

As I watched the rest of the memorial, I cried for the children that never knew their fathers. I was also very proud of our country's heroes who stepped into danger; some were heroes in the commission of their jobs and others were ordinary people stepping up to do something brave and good.  All of them were extraordinary.

For everyone we lost that day and for all Americans, our lives forever changed, I will never forget.


As I previously mentioned, I am having a good work week, which is awesome and rare, so I am enjoying the respite in what is usually "stress on steroids" for me at work. 

This weekend, we are meeting a group of friends at the beach in Coronado for our 'end of the summer beach bonfire dinner'.  The guys will build a tower of wood and light it and we will cook hotdogs over the fire, savor lots of good food on paper plates, dig our toes into the sand and watch the sunset over the ocean,  and close the evening with messy, gooey and oh, so delicious s'mores. Note to self: Bring your camera.

So, now you are caught up with me.  That's a wrap, folks.  'Til next time!

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