I have just survived another mostly crazy week at work.  it was a week full of missed or shortened lunch hours and deadlines that felt like gigantic boulders rolling toward me--threatening to take me out.

But somehow, I made it to Friday in one piece--frazzled, stressed out, and exhausted--but also so glad to have the weekend here. Sometimes I feel too old for this rat race. Not that I am old. I am just tired of the same routine of every Monday returning to the proverbial hamster wheel and running in circles until Friday.  Blah.  Okay, I am done complaining. 

Last night, after work, we did some shopping for our annual summer party next weekend.  Smart and Final is a dangerous place for us, but we restrained ourselves and stuck to our list. We still have to go to Costco, which is another dangerous place for us.  I should clarify...not dangerous for US.  It's dangerous for our wallet. 

This morning, we headed out for a bite of breakfast and one of the places we like to eat breakfast was closed.  We went with plan B and then got our day going with errands and grocery shopping.  Once we got home I began cleaning house and organizing while Bruce cleaned the grill and worked in the backyard. 

The to-do list from last week is being completed today. Tomorrow will be laundry day.  And I have to do my nails sometime this weekend. 

I had originally planned on making a batch of jalapeno jelly this weekend and I can still do that tomorrow morning.  It's just not going to happen today.

I am in relaxing mode now.

Over and out. 

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Farmer Gal said...

Being a hamster on the wheel... It's just not good! We're not hamsters! I hope this week will be better for you. :)