We are winding down from a fabulous weekend with our good friends, Tom and Heidi, who live in Seattle. They arrived Thursday night and we met for drinks and appetizers after we got off work. I woke up with a migraine headache Friday morning and muddled through the day with head pain and nausea for nearly 24 hours.  I felt much better by Saturday afternoon and full speed ahead for the rest of our weekend together.

We finally had a hot summer weather weekend here so we indulged in a lot of summer activities:  plenty of pool float time with refreshing homemade Mojitos, dinner on the patio, breakfast at the beach, Margaritas and dinner at Old Town Mexican Cafe (a must do if you come to San Diego--they are famous for their homemade tortillas), and finished our weekend with a relaxing afternoon at Gator Beach and an early dinner and live music at McP's

I have had a long relaxing break from work (including today) and feel rested and refreshed.  Today is a catch up day before I go back to work.  I have loads of laundry going and I am making a list for the grocery.

The following is a Public Service Announcement (for anyone that has ever dealt with a wet cell phone):

My cell phone took an accidental spill into the pool on Friday.  Uh oh.  But, after thoroughly drying it off and immersing it first into a bag of rice and the next day into a bag of silica gel beads to dry out (undisturbed for 48 hours), my phone is working just fine. Yeah!  Note to self: If you have to have your phone by the pool, seal it in a ziploc bag first.  Happy ending and lesson learned. 

So, if any of you have a similar experience with your phone (into the toilet, sink, pool),turn the phone off, take out the battery and memory card if you have one, and dry it well and then bury it in a container of silica gel beads (you can get them at any craft store--they are used for drying flowers) and don't mess with it for 48 hours.  It works! The hardest part is leaving it alone for the full 48 hours. 

Time to go change the laundry out....



After coming off of a very full weekend which included prepping, setting up and hosting our summer party on Saturday, clean up and putting everything away and some much needed float time in the pool on Sunday, it was time to go back to work.

All day there was that nagging voice in my head was saying there were a lot of jalapenos ready to be picked and I really needed to make jalapeno jelly.  today.

So Monday night, after work, I ignored the urge to tell the nagging voice to go away and changed clothes, poured a glass of wine and set up everything in the kitchen for making jelly. 

After eating some dinner, I dug into my project and began pureeing the jalapenos and peppers and cooked, stirred, added ingredients and cooked some more, while the jars and lids simmered in boiling water.

By the time I had poured the jelly into the jars, washed all the dishes and wiped everything down, I was so dang tired and ready to just put my feet up and do nothing until bedtime.  So that's what I did.

I am certain after this weekend of relaxing, laughing and visiting with our good friends, I should be fully energized and ready to make more jelly next weekend. 

We have some habeneros coming on....can you say spicy?



I feel like I am playing catch up this week.  I finally got my nails done last night, but I still have to paint them with a color.  I just have clear polish on now but they are shorter again, which makes it easier at work on the computer.

I didn't get any jalapeno jelly made last weekend either.  The weekend just flew and was full with other commitments. 

It feels like I am running on empty right now.   My sleep patterns have been sporadic and I've been dealing with headaches a lot this week.  I am sure the headaches are from the stress from my work schedule and it doesn't look like that is going to change anytime soon.  Yay, for Excedrin!

I am looking forward to the two days off I am taking next weekend.  My best friend and her hubby, who live in Washington are coming down to spend a long weekend with us and I am so excited to see them and hang out. 

Until then, I'll just keep trucking along...



I have just survived another mostly crazy week at work.  it was a week full of missed or shortened lunch hours and deadlines that felt like gigantic boulders rolling toward me--threatening to take me out.

But somehow, I made it to Friday in one piece--frazzled, stressed out, and exhausted--but also so glad to have the weekend here. Sometimes I feel too old for this rat race. Not that I am old. I am just tired of the same routine of every Monday returning to the proverbial hamster wheel and running in circles until Friday.  Blah.  Okay, I am done complaining. 

Last night, after work, we did some shopping for our annual summer party next weekend.  Smart and Final is a dangerous place for us, but we restrained ourselves and stuck to our list. We still have to go to Costco, which is another dangerous place for us.  I should clarify...not dangerous for US.  It's dangerous for our wallet. 

This morning, we headed out for a bite of breakfast and one of the places we like to eat breakfast was closed.  We went with plan B and then got our day going with errands and grocery shopping.  Once we got home I began cleaning house and organizing while Bruce cleaned the grill and worked in the backyard. 

The to-do list from last week is being completed today. Tomorrow will be laundry day.  And I have to do my nails sometime this weekend. 

I had originally planned on making a batch of jalapeno jelly this weekend and I can still do that tomorrow morning.  It's just not going to happen today.

I am in relaxing mode now.

Over and out. 



After the week I had, I decided that today needed to be a lazy day for me.  I did not want to follow a schedule or mark things off of a to-do list.  I just wanted to have a low key day.

And it was.  

I slept in until 7:30 and enjoyed two leisurely hours of sipping coffee and reading the newspaper.

I did get the overgrown plants trimmed back around the pool before jumping in the water and spending the afternoon floating around lazily.  It was so relaxing.  

The water temperature was 88 and I think the afternoon temperature at our house was about 80.  The sky was bright blue and not a cloud in sight.   

A perfect day



I'm trying not to focus on how hard this work week has been for me. 

Actually, I am trying to forget it.  But I can't.  It's still too vivid and real.

I was literally ready to scream at the top of my lungs out of sheer frustration.  I think I did scream a few times.  At least in my head.

Monday was a bad day.  Tuesday and Wednesday were worse.  I dreaded Thursday, but thankfully, it was better than Monday. 

Today is Friday.  Ahhhh.  Finally.

The bright side of this: I'm grateful that I have a job. I'm grateful that I work with a really good friend who now knows what I have been venting about forever (sorry, Linda, but I did warn you...).  I'm grateful that my husband is understanding and will patiently listen to my angry work-related rants and I'm grateful that I have the entire weekend to forget this week.

I'm starting to imagine that in a few years I will be "that crazy lady".  You know, the one that talks to herself.

Wait.  I already talk to myself.

It's too late. 

Here's to a good weekend and fully restored sanity!  Is that asking too much?