We slept in late.  Our Saturday started with coffee.  The day began to warm up by the time we were finished and it was time to get going.

After a haircut (for hubby) and we both had showers, we headed up to Temecula to pick up our wine shipment and enjoy a glass of wine on their patio. The sun was out and the day was already heating up by mid morning.

We hadn't eaten any breakfast, so on our way to Temecula, we stopped at Rock 'n' Jenny's for some lunch and chowed down some delicious deli sandwiches.  It was much hotter in Escondido.  It was still a bit muggy, but in some weird way, the heat felt good.

Thankfully, it was a bit cooler in Temecula up at the winery.  Leonesse sits up on a hill looking out into a small valley and there was a constant breeze to keep us cool. A nice pause in our day. 

We were home by mid afternoon. Dinner.  Yard watering.  Started watching Season 6 of 'The Closer'.

Our night is coming to a close. 

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