It's been a hot day. 

Actually, it's been a hot week.  Hot and humid. All week long.

Today, when I left work at 4 p.m., it was 81 degrees, downtown--somewhere that has cooler temps than where we live and which is cooler than anywhere else in San Diego County.

I came home to a heated house. Ugly hot. 

Time to open windows, open the front door and get this house cooled off.  We changed into shorts, sleeveless shirts, shed our shoes and padded barefoot outside to plant ourselves on the patio in the shade for awhile.  What to do for dinner...leftover Gazpacho?  Nothing sounded good, so tonight Bruce ran back out and picked up some Mexican food from Maritza's (the very best 'fast food' mexican food on the planet).  You have to call ahead or be prepared to wait 15-20 minutes for your food and it is worth every minute.  In the meantime,  I made us two ice cold margaritas.  Neither of us felt like heating up the kitchen, or even grilling anything.

BONUS:  I had some leftover half and half, whipping cream and whole milk, so I whipped up a batch of ice cream in our Cuisinart ice cream maker (ICE-20).  It's the kind that you keep the tub in the freezer and make a simple mix (ours was vanilla) and dump in in the frozen tub that sits on the motor and turn it on for 25-30 minutes.  I put the creamy soft serve mixture into another container and put it in the freezer to harden.

It will be a delicious treat for us later with some leftover chocolate sauce from the other night.  Or maybe some ice cream with our chocolate sauce.  We love chocolate sauce.

The ceiling fans are all on high.  And we have a standing fan going in our room off of the kitchen and the house is cooling off.  The good thing about living by the beach is that by night time it is usually perfect for sleeping.  Granted, we have had a few summer nights that were hard to sleep through, but they are rare.

We're gonna speed up the cooling down part of this scenario for us with a dip in the pool tonight.  We ordered some Papasan Spring Floats that were delivered today.  We didn't expect them until next week, so it was an unexpected surprise to see the box on the front porch this afternoon. 

Best of all tomorrow is Friday....nothing like a Thursday night followed by a Friday, preceded by a Monday holiday.  Right?


Summer Girl said...

Nice! I wish I was there, even in the heat! Guess you found the ice cream maker. Thats like ours we keep it in the freezer. Miss you guys and love you TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beth said...

Wish you were here too. I dreamed about you guys last night!

It's not the same ice cream maker. We had an "old fashioned" electric one by Rival that you use ice and rock salt with. That's the one I was searching for. We also have a small Cuisinart model that you keep the tub in the freezer and it requires no ice or salt. But good ice cream nonetheless! Miss and love you all too!!!