We made homemade pizza Saturday night.  It was really good and easy to make.  Wanna know how?  Well, this is how we made ours.

We started with a great whole wheat dough recipe.  I will share my secret to getting our dough to rise.  I heated our oven to 170 for 5 minutes, then turned it off and used the warm oven to raise the dough (both times).

Then we began creating our masterpiece.  I have a wonderful rectangular stone that has been used a bazillion times and is perfect for pizza.

I tranferred the rolled out dough onto the (well oiled) stone and then used a large spoon to spill and paint marinara sauce over the inside of the crust, leaving the edges nekkid. 

Next, I layered on an Italian cheese blend, tossed on a layer of pepperoni, shook on some thinly sliced bell peppers, red onions, added a few more pepperoni, sprinkled on more cheese, topped off with mushrooms and black olives...and topped with more cheese!  Can you really ever have enough cheese?

The great thing about making your own pizza is that you can decorate any old way you want with all of your favorite toppings.  Be creative and have some fun with it. 

I brushed the edge of the crust with some olive oil before popping into the 425 degree oven. 

And 18 minutes later....it was done.


Okay, it's your turn.....Create your own masterpiece pizza !

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