Okay, here's the deal.  I know I've been MIA.  I've been thinking about blogging, but my blogging time seems to have been nonexistent lately. 

I decided to write a quick Invisalign update.  I went to my orthodontist appointment yesterday to get 6 "attachments" on my teeth.  Attachments are tiny tooth colored blobs that are cemented to the teeth that need additional help in moving with Invisalign trays. 

I have 4 on the top (1 on each of my canines and the next tooth back, which are the bicuspids) and I have 2 on each of my lower canines.

Having the attachments applied was painless, but these rough little buggers are taking some getting used to.  My trays now fit VERY snug, but I can get them out much easier than I thought I would be able to.

I am grateful for my short acrylic nails which enable me to pry my trays off without breaking a nail.  I would think that if one did not have acrylics or very strong nails you would have to purchase that special tool (which looks like a crochet hook) to help get the trays off once you get the attachments.

When my trays are off (when I am eating a meal or drinking my morning coffee), the attachments feel like tiny rough pebbles rubbing against the inside of the front of my mouth. And after I eat, it feels like I still have food all over the front of those teeth.

It has only been 24 hours since they were applied, so I know that I'm early into the adjustment period, but I wanted to journal my experience from the get-go.

Despite this new discomfort (which I expect to be temporary), I am still super happy with my choice to go with Invisalign.  I did a lot of reading before I decided to go the Invisalign route and honestly, I have not experienced a lot of the aggravations reported and that I expected to experience.

No headache or pain when wearing a new tray for the first day.  Yesterday, they were tight, and my canines felt sore last night when I took them off for dinner.  But this morning when I took them off after waking up this morning, no pain. 

They have been easy to take off and snap on.

My speech adjustment was pretty quick -- within the first full week.

That wraps up this episode of my Invisalign update.


I am excited.  Why?  Because later this afternoon, our daughter and son-in-law, A and K and our two adorable grandbabies, Grace and Aaron will be pulling into our driveway for a visit.

We haven't seen our sweeties since early December when little Aaron was only 6 weeks old (he is now 7 months old).  Grace is already almost 2-1/2.

We are planning a family BBQ on Sunday afternoon and a trip to the San Diego Zoo on Monday.  FUN! 

I have a busy morning before they arrive--clean house, run some laundry and bake a loaf of banana bread. 

Hope you all have a good weekend!

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Farmer Gal said...

Have a really fun time with your family!!! Squeeze those grandbabies' cheeks for me!