We are just about done.  With only a few items left to finish, our backyard project is 99% done. 

The pool is back up and filled with clean water, new bamboo blinds installed on the gazebo, red geraniums are happily hanging in baskets, an iron chandelier has been hung and filled with black cherry pillar candles, more pool stepping stones have been lovingly laid down and the gaps have been filled with pebble stones, new bark has been spread in our planter bed and solar lights in are scattered to provide light to all the walk ways.

There is not much left to do: clean the grill, put covers on pool, get glass candle sleeves, set up drip irrigation system and install our solar fountain and locate some outdoor cushions for the patio chairs and bench. 

I think that covers it.  I sure hope so.  I am worn out.

This weekend, though, we will be taking a break.  A much needed break for us.  We're gettin' outta Dodge...

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