I am switching gears and making lists for our weekend getaway.  A what-to-take list for us, a list for Linda who is hanging out at our house with our critters this weekend and a list of to-do's before we go.

tank tops
bathing suit
lip balm
cowboy hat

Those items top my list as the most important things to take to a country music festival in the desert. 

Of course, there are about 50 more things on my list of things to pack...but that is because I am pride myself on being organized and I am OCD (we all have our faults and OCD happens to be one of mine).

This year, we are taking advantage of a lot of pool time at the hotel over  arriving at the festival grounds at noon and baking in the sun until the big bands take the stage at around 5 pm.  

We're not concerned about how close we are to the stage...in reality, you'd have to sell a valued body part to be able to afford an up-close to the stage VIP ticket (unless you have that kind of money just laying around) which frankly, I don't and at this point in my life, I choose to keep all my parts. 

Besides that, you can hear the bands 4 counties away.  Really.  I have to admit, that part of the experience of going to the festival, is being there with all of the other 99,000 people, so we're cool with snagging some open real estate near one of the big screens, kicking back and just taking it all in. 

We're older and wiser now and that's how we roll.


Summer Girl said...

You wanna good laugh? When I read mister... I thought you meant Mr. And I was like that's an interesting way to refer to the hubby in a list. I guess he is important enough to list! LOL Although kinda obvious that your taking him. :)

Beth said...

You crack me up! I absolutely don't want to forget my Mr.! You're gonna know I am old and forgetful when I start adding hubby to my list! LOL!

Bruce Vicker said...

Okay.. both of you are cracking me up!! Don't worry honey, I'll have your back once you get old.. you are so not there yet!!