This weekend has been one of organization (and cleaning) for us.   

We grocery shopped and cleaned house.  While we were out we stopped at Walmart to get an assortment of plastic tubs to put to good use in our hall cupboard to organize and hold extra toiletries, first aid supplies, cold remedies, pain relievers and other miscellaneous over the counter medications. 

I also went through our spices cupboard and organized them as well.  Now we can find the herbs and spices we need for recipes much easier. Of course, now I would like to continue this organizational spree with our pantry, but it is an odd layout and there may not be much I can do to organize it.  I did use two of the leftover baskets for my teas and coffees. 

I did some re-arranging in our "family room".  We had set up the crate in that room for Kona and placed one of her comfy dog beds in there and have been keeping her in that room during the day to limit her activity and give her knees a chance to mend. 

Today, I moved things around so the crate is tucked into a corner out of the way and we can gate off a smaller area for her in that room when the kids and grand-babies come to visit.

Spring is here, but you'd never guess it from our weather. It is cold, blustery and wet here in sunny San Diego. 

Does it feel like Spring in your neck of the woods?

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