Here's the deal. We've been eating too much junk lately. It is a bad habit, but an easy habit to fall into. And we fell hard.  Head first. 

But we have picked ourselves up and decided it's time to get back to eating clean by filling our plates with more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins and much less junk.

With that comes drinking more water.  Drinking water instead of other beverages. Except my morning coffee. I still have that. But I have eliminated the daily diet soda I was having.

Along with better eating habits comes daily exercise.  Cardio. Weights. Walking. Running. Kettlebells. Planks.

Last week, I started eating better.  Better food choices, smaller portions, more water.  This week, I added the exercise part.  I started by getting out of bed a half hour earlier (and that is not easy) and making my way out to our "home gym" (the garage) and jumping on the treadmill for 30 minutes. 

It's been since October when I was regularly working out. Then came our vacation to Tennessee, my nasty fall down the stairs which resulted in my workouts coming to a grinding halt and they have have been stalled ever since.

But, four months later, my bruises have nearly healed and I am ready to tackle the hard work ahead of me to reach my goals.

Three days down.
Baby steps.


Summer Girl said...

Go Mom!!! I can't believe your bruises took so long to heal! Geez thats sucks. But I am glad to hear your getting back into the grind. Good on you for getting up so early! Thats one thing I know I am just not going to do. lol. Now if I can ween myself off the Coke! :) XOXO

Beth said...

You, darling daughter, are very inspiring with all that you do and working out too! Time for me to get back on track! The bruises are much better, but you can still see them and I can still feel them, but I'd say I am 90% healed. Crazy, huh? You can kick the soda habit. You did it before! xoxo

Farmer Gal said...

Me too! I swear, we are soul sisters. It seems like we're always kind of on the same wavelength! I'm still in the week 1 phase of just adjusting my diet. Next week I'm hoping to work in some exercise time. We can do this! :)

Beth said...

Laura, I think you are right. I feel the same way when I read some of your posts. We can do this! Missed you on your blog this past week. Good to hear from you!