We are wrapping up our long, lazy weekend. 

My day started early.  Our dog, Kona does not believe in sleeping in.  Usually it is Bruce that she wakes up first.  But this morning she woke me up. At 6:15 a.m. 

We turned the coffeemaker on and made a run to get some doughnuts to have with our coffee.  What to do today?  We decided to see a movie this afternoon. A comedy. The Jennifer Anniston, Adam Sandler flick, 'Just Go With It'. 

My darling daughter, A, said that it was good and that is a good enough recommendation for me.  Today, I just want to watch a movie I can laugh at and I am sure this film will not disappoint in that regard.

I am looking forward to a couple of hours of entertainment induced laughter and a bucket of hot buttered popcorn. 

An afternoon at the movie is not complete without popcorn. 

At least not in my world.


Summer Girl said...

Well? How was it? Hopefully worth the price of the matinee? And the popcorn! :) Miss you! xoxo

Beth said...

We really liked it! I thought it was funny and I loved the end! The popcorn (with lots of butter) was delicious!

Miss you too, sweetie! xoxo