I've been in a writing frenzy tonight.  But I wasn't working on my story.  Nope.  I was working under a deadline for my March article for our community newspaper. I have until the 10th..but that is only 5 days away. 

I had an idea rolling around in my head earlier last month, but I had hit some dead ends in my efforts and I was frustrated and let it go, hoping another idea would spark in the meantime. 

I was knocked down by some bad headaches for almost two weeks and once I began feeling better, I turned my energy toward my storyline.  This weekend, I remembered my deadline.  Yikes!  Working under pressure seems to help me, but it also sends waves of terror pulsing through me.  P-A-N-I-C.

We ran our errands this morning and right after we got home and unloaded and put away what we bought from Costco and our groceries, I turned my focus onto my assignment and soon the ideas were flowing and my panic subsided. I settled into a writing frame of mind.

I finished editing my article late this afternoon, saved the changes and set it aside while we ate dinner.  After dinner, I made a few more changes and then, finally satisfied with the content, I emailed it to the editor.

I have had a productive day and met my deadline!

Bring on the Super Bowl festivities!


Janna Qualman said...

Oh, man. I understand that pressure! It does make one work better, but not without a certain fear close by. :) I also relate to the headaches--I've been down with a migraine all day. Finally feeling a little better. I hope you are, too!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, and for your name idea, which was great. Best to you!

Farmer Gal said...

Way to go!