A cold winter storm has come to visit. 

We've gotten lots of rain and now the temperatures continue to drop as the sun peeks in and out of the clouds.  Our coastal high for today is supposed to be 45 degrees.  I realize that is probably quite balmy by Midwest and Northeast, even Northwest standards, but those temperatures are downright COLD here in sunny San Diego.

This morning, after a hot breakfast and plenty of hot coffee, we ran to the grocery store (in between downpours) to do our shopping for the week and now we're back home sitting on the couch under warm blankets to ride out the storm.

Wiling away the afternoon watching some TV, working on some writing projects, play a few games of Tetris and Mahjong on the laptop, keeping warm by a fire.

We decided that dinner tonight would consist of delicious comfort food.

Chicken fettuccine with homemade Parmesan sauce

Chunks of warmed sourdough bread (with real butter)

A bottle of red wine

Ghiradelli brownie sundaes for dessert...ahhh, yes. Imagine warm fudge brownies, a big scoop of creamy ice cold vanilla ice cream, rich chocolate sauce drizzled over and topped with whipped cream.

We're going to spend a cozy, quiet Saturday night at home.

While the rain and the temperatures fall outside.


Summer Girl said...

That sounds DELICOUS!!!! Now what I am going to make for dinner?? It's snowing here too! Love you!

Farmer Gal said...

Yum. Can I come over?