Wow. I am so thankful for the beautiful summer like (high 70's) weather we are enjoying this weekend.  And after a very stressful week, I am basking in a perfectly non-stressed weekend. A three day weekend.  With sunshine.
Last week was rough. I am not going to go into all the gory details, but suffice it to say that between electrical issues at the house, our lame dog and challenges at work, Friday afternoon was welcomed (I would have thrown a parade, if I could have) and we wasted no time diving into our time off.

Friday night, we met friends at one of our favorite haunts and shared some laughs, glasses of wine and appetizers. Yesterday we ran errands, grocery shopped and made our semi-monthly trek to Costco.

Last night we had a date night. So fun to get out for the evening.  We decided to go to a movie and then out to dinner. We saw "The Dilemma".  While cute, we both agreed it was a Netflix rental and not worth the $23 they charged to see it.  Yeah...$23.  And then there was the $12 for a medium popcorn and large drink. Really.  I am as shocked as you are.  Can you tell we don't often go to the movies.  And why we don't. Welcome to sunny San Diego. What...you didn't really think there is such thing as a "sunshine tax"?  Yup, there is.  *sigh* I love Netflix. 

We were going to eat at P.F. Changs for dinner afterwards.  It was 7:40 p.m. We checked in. There was an hour and a half wait.  Ummm, no thanks.  Plan B.  Enjoyed a delicious dinner at Mimi's Cafe. Afterwards, a stop at Coffee Bean.  Ice Blended Caramel for me--yum.

Today is another gorgeous day of sunshine and 77 degrees. We are enjoying it at home--windows and doors open. And of course, football on TV.

There is not one thing on the "to do" list today. Tonight we are putting steaks on the grill, fixing some baked potatoes and fresh green beans and opening a bottle of wine. 

Tomorrow?  The world is my oyster.  Or something like that.

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