I think we are getting a bit of the summer that we didn't get last year, right now. 

We had a cold summer but now, in January, we are getting some weather that beckons me outside, demands that I go barefoot and makes me look at the calendar and say, huh?

I was enjoying the rain that we were getting, the cold days and colder nights, having a fire in the fireplace everynight (since we were stocked up with firewood) and burying myself under blankets on the sofa. 

But this taste of summer is too sweet to waste inside.  I'm going to get outside in it today.

I have a stack of books to choose from and today is the perfect day to settle into a comfy chair in the sun and get lost in a good story. 


Summer Girl said...

You guys got some firewood? K brought a truckload of firewood from Craig, Co when he went on Monday for $60! In fact he has the wood laid in the fireplace now for tonight. Glad your having a good weekend. We are just resting from a rough night today, being lazy. Love you.

Farmer Gal said...

So jealous. It's -12 here right now. :(