I am starting my weekend lazily.  I started it out sipping my coffee curled up in a blanket on the couch. 

I have a few must-do's to complete today, but otherwise my day is an open canvas to fill in as I please.  Bruce has softball practice and will bring home some lunch.  He is getting a pizza from a place called Pizzeria Luigi.  We saw it on the Food Network's show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and we're looking forward to trying it out. 

After leisurely sipping two cups of coffee, I made myself a breakfast of egg-on-toast and buried myself back under the warmth of a cocoon of blankets.  I added a pair of socks and long sleeve shirt and am very toasty.   

Kona would love to join me, but she is prohibited from any jumping, until her leg is better.  Just look into those sad eyes.  I have to look away.  For her own good.   

Before you are taken in by those sad puppy dog eyes, and feel too sorry for her, let me explain that she has has a very comfortable bed--actually she has  two equally cozy beds.  

She prefers to be as close to us as possible and fancies herself to be a lap dog (a very large lap dog), She would rather be snuggled up with her mama, but finally resigned herself to her bed.  And promptly went to sleep.  And is snoring. 

Anyone else ready for a nap? 

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