I'm hopeful that today will be productive in a laid back sort of way.  There are times that accomplishing something productive can be relaxing.  Today will be one of those days for me. 

I am not in the office today.  The office is closed.  I am home. 

I awoke with a headache that 2 Excedrin did not quell.  Nor did two cups of coffee.  However, a hot shower did help take off the edge. And breakfast helped even more. 

Bruce cooked breakfast this morning. He made his famous breakfast burritos. One of my most favorite breakfasts.  They are so delicious!  Especially when accompanied with his also famous, Bloody Mary drinks.  I have an amazing husband! 

It is already warming up and is supposed to be another gorgeous warm day here in San Diego.  I can't wait to get outside in it. 

Over and out....


Farmer Gal said...

Alright, I just have to confess... I'm jealous. Not so much of the headache, though! But of the breakfast, bloody mary and warm weather. Hope you're enjoying it for me!

debby said...

Beth, I can SO sympathize with your headaches. Although I don't get them NEARLY as often (or as bad) as I used to, I still do get them all too often. Excedrin is my best friend!