As I struggle with many frustrations in my day job, I realize that it is time to focus on my writing craft. Knuckle down.  Nose to the grindstone.  That kind of focus.  Focus that leads with hard work.

I have always found solace from writing. Creating. Crafting characters and journeying with them. I am ready to renew my relationships with my characters and storylines. 

It will mean change.  Setting aside time for completing writing projects that have been laid aside. Dedication. Consistency.

I have begun becoming more disciplined since I have begun writing a monthly article for a local paper.  That has helped me begin to sharpen my focus, but I realize that a lot more sharpening is needed.  It is still quite dull.

I am hopeful that many good things will come of my renewed focus.


Bruce Vicker said...

I will support that 100% baby!! You go girl!!!

Beth said...

Thank you, sweetie! :-)

Farmer Gal said...

You can do it! I hope someday I get to read it!

Sometimes I guilt myself into thinking that writing is indulgent. But I have to remind myself how much it does for me, how much I enjoy it, and that it is a gift I'm meant to use.

Hope you are continuing to find time for it. Good luck!