San Diego has been soggy.  The river valley (where two of our major malls are located) flooded, hillsides slid, and it's was a mess in a lot of areas.  I don't remember the last measurement on rainfall over the past 4 days, but it's a lot! 

We've exceeded our annual average by several inches.  It just doesn't rain like that here.  You know the song, "It Never Rains in Southern California"?  Well, this past week,  it has rained and rained and rained.  The ground is saturated. 

We've had a reprieve until last night (Christmas night), then it began raining and we are due for several days of more rain. It's not supposed to rain as much as it has been, which is good news, but I am not sure what effect even a little more rain will have on the areas already flooded.

The Poinsettia Bowl was here Thursday night and for all of you sports fans, I know you saw and heard about the flooded stadium and parking lot (that 1.5 million of gallons of water that was pumped out in time for the game) and probably saw the field (before) in its oh, so soggy state.  (Photos from signonsandiego.com)



Amazing difference isn't it?

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