I'm on my own for a few days while Bruce is traveling to far away countries.  I'm exaggerating.  He's not really in far away countries.  Just another state.  He is in Virginia.

That is also where my youngest son, T is currently stationed in the Navy.  On Monday night, T drove up to where Bruce and a friend/co-worker are staying and they had dinner together.  Two retired Navy dudes and T, who is an E4. I am sure there was a lot of colorful Navy lingo zinging around that table! 

Here, at home it's me, the big dog, Kona and two cats. We do a good job of holding down the fort, so to speak.  I handle feeding the animals, making sure the doors are locked, taking the trash out, setting up the coffee pot for the next day (critical) and setting my alarm (equally important).

Kona takes care of all the patrolling, roaming, growling and alerting me of skunks, racoons, rats and strangers.  It's her job. 

The cats on the other hand simply watch both of us from a distance (in awe, I am sure). That's their job.

Well, that and sleeping.

And sometimes, sneaking a piece of dogfood out of Kona's bowl.  What's up with that?  Does anyone else's cats try to eat dry dogfood? 

I think I have just been blessed with odd cats.

I would love to continue to chat, but it's late and I have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow.  Ummm, make that BEFORE the crack of dawn.  Anyway you slice it, its too darn early.  And it's past my bedtime.  G'night!


Farmer Gal said...

Cats just lead charmed lives, don't they? I wonder how I could get that gig...

(minus the dog food)

Beth said...

Charmed for sure! I'd probably get bored, except for the napping part! haha!