This morning I began my fifth day of clean eating and working out--following Jackie Warner's workout and eating plan. 

I received my copy of her book last Wednesday and read through most of it that night.  I immediately began taking notes and made a grocery list for meal planning.  Last Monday, I began my 20 minute interval intensity cardio on the treadmill.  I have the workouts typed and taped to our treadmill and elliptical so I can vary my workout.  I will be using kettlebells for cardio/weight routines too. More on that later.

As soon as I finished the first workout, I was both energized and wiped out.  I also discovered during that workout, I became driven and focused on the hard work ahead of me.  It is a great feeling!  Much better than feeling out of shape, sluggish and unmotivated.  I can attest to the endorphins that exercise generates! 

Today, I went grocery shopping and now our kitchen is full of foods that make up "clean eating".  I have lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grain cereal, bread, bagels and eggs, chicken breasts, and lean meat.  I hard boiled some eggs to have for breakfast and snacks, squeezed some lemons for juice to add to my water.  I bought some decaf green tea and herbal fruit tea to drink in the evenings to avoid that urge to snack. 

I already feel better eating clean and working out again!

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