I have a new routine that I began this week. 

As soon as I come home from work--I do not pass go or collect $200-- instead change into my workout clothes head out to the garage (our home gym) and bust through a short but brutal cardio regime.

I have Jackie Warner to thank for that.

Jackie who?  And how did that happen? That's what you are asking, right?  I'll tell you.

You see, two weeks ago, I was channel surfing and found Thintervention with Jackie Warner, which is a Bravo reality TV show. I watched two back to back episodes at first, mostly because Jeana Keogh from Real Housewives of Orange County (another Bravo TV reality show) was one of the participants and she happened to be one of my favorite "housewives".

Bethenny Frankel originally on Real Housewives of New York is my all time favorite housewife and now has her own show, but I will have to do another entire post on Bethenny, sometime. Do you see a pattern here?  haha!

So, back to my story.  After watching only part of the program,  I became intrigued with Jackie's methods and ideas about exercise and diet and began doing some more research of my own. Much of her thinking is in line with what I already have come to believe about fitness, weight loss and success in both, so I was captivated with the whole series from the get-go.

I googled Jackie and found some of her cardio training tips online, printed them and began using it for my own cardio sessions. (If there is anything you want to know, ask me.  I am known as the 'Google Queen' around my house. 

I also ordered Jackie's book "This Is Why You're Fat..." online for cheap ($14) and will begin to implement her diet and food strategies as soon as the UPS guy delivers it. 

No doubt about it, getting fit is hard work.  Staying fit is even harder.  Jackie is a no nonsense, shoot from the hip type of trainer and that is the kind of message that will motivate me.

Three days in and I feel better already! 

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Summer Girl said...

Yay, You go Mom!!! Way to get into the swing of things. Biggest Loser started and I haven't started watching it yet because I want to be able to watch it while I get going on the treadmill. So I am stockpilin till after the lil guy is born! :P