My garden is growing crazy!

The tomato plants have grown above the tops of the cages and the yellow and zuchinni squash are getting tall and spreading out. I can see lots of yellow squash starting--one is pretty big already--but the zuchinni plants are not quite there yet...still just getting started.

Lots of green tomatoes on all three plants and still flowering! Four mid-sized cucumbers and three bell peppers and one jalapeno already!

I didn't have my camera outside with me last night when I was watering, so this weekend I will have to snap some shots of the garden to share with you.

With the drought conditions here in California and our current watering restrictions, we can't water until after 6 pm (and before 10 am) and last night I had already put in a full day at work and a trip to Costco, so I was thinking, let's just get everything watered and relax for a bit!

Counting down the hours till my sweet girl, her hubby and Gracie arrive for their visit.

Make today a GOOD day!


debby said...

Beth, I suddenly realized that I hadn't visited your blog in quite awhile. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all about your garden and your granddaughter, and other happenings in your life. Are you still planning to move to Tennessee? With all the work you've been doing on your house, it doesn't sound like it! What's the scoop?

Farmer Gal said...

Oh, man, it's a jungle here too. But the weeds!!! The weeds are scary. I didn't have time to get out and pull/hoe last week, and over the weekend we have gotten torrential rain, so it's too muddy to go out (plus I have a cold). Every time I look at the garden I shudder. Help me, Beth! But the veggies are growing too, so I take comfort in that. And one night this week, after it dries up a bit, I will be out there with a vengeance!

Jen's Paper Parties said...

Your gardens are beautiful, I just spent some time going through your blog! I love it!

Beth said...

Hi Debby! We are still planning to relocate and our "remodeling" is more cosmetic than structural. When the economy tanked, we decided to hold off for a bit with our relocation plans--not the time to change jobs yet. How are you guys doing?

Beth said...

I haven't had the weed issue with the raised beds, but our pebble walkway still has some popping up, so that keeps me busy on watering days. You are blessed with the rain (though torrential probably isn't a good thing). We have restricted watering days here in southern Cali.

Beth said...

Hi Jen! Thank you for stopping by and spending some time here in my bloggy...I popped over to yours a minute ago but did not get enough, so I will be back to do some perusing of my own!