I am sharing a few snapshots that my eldest son, C's girlfriend, H took at the BBQ on Saturday! Here is an endearing photo of C holding his niece, little Grace and sharing a quiet moment with her.

And a silly moment with Uncle C and Auntie M throwing Grace's "blankie" over them. Grace thought that was hysterical fun.
Grace and her sweet mama (my firstborn baby girl, A)
Gracie and her adorable Auntie M sharing a laugh.
A cool shot that Uncle C took with his fancy-schmancy camera. She was definitely in a more serious mode when this photo was snapped.

We went to the Fair on Sunday. Grace and Uncle C share a laugh while we listened to some great acoustic music and took a break

Grace had fallen asleep for a bit while we strolled through the exhibit halls. She woke and non-verbally expressed her displeasure at the noise level inside . Too cute!

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