Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and go with the flow. That's been me for the past week. I have been swamped at work covering both my caseload and that of the other paralegal and I have been sick with an awful cold.

After making it through the previous several years without getting sick, I made up for it and the last two I have been sick with, have knocked me down hard. Today, I am finally feeling (SO MUCH) better, though my cough is still lingering. Considering how I felt just three days ago, I feel amazingly healthy today!

Speaking of going with the flow...check out our garden! I went out to water our garden this morning and snapped some photos to share. I am astounded at how quickly it is growing! I swear it has grown several inches in the past few days. We have lots of flowers blooming on our yellow squash, cucumber and green peppers. We already have a couple of tomatoes and more promised with lots of tiny yellow flowers everywhere!

Here are our herbs and better photos of my vintage spoon garden markers.

See those tiny buds on our green bell peppers?

More luscious strawberries ready for the pickin'! And eating!

Our first Celebrity tomato.

Our cucumber blooms are promising a bountiful harvest!

And last, but not least, a peek at our yellow squash blooms. Look how much it's grown! Having grown squash before, I know how monstrous these dudes get! I can't wait for steamed squash this summer!

It's cool and cloudy today with bits of sun peeking out. Now that I have updated my neglected blog, its time for me to get cracking on some other important stuff. Like my nails...they need fills and polish. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...right?

Have a beautiful day!


Farmer Gal said...

Your garden looks great! I also cannot believe how quickly things grow, especially the weeds. Ahhhhh! I like your raised beds. I have a couple for our strawberries, and would like to do more next year. They seem to make things more tidy and simpler.

Beth said...

Thank you, Laura! I was watering the garden last night and am amazed at how much bigger everything is just since I snapped those photos! I have veggies growing now! I would love to have the space you have for a garden!