Spring is here and April is going to be a busy month for us. I am praying that we continue to have nice weather. It's time to get outside in the yard and get our hands dirty. Dig into Mother Earth and grow some stuff!

This weekend, we are building two raised bed garden boxes and hopefully getting our plants in too. We are going to grow tomatoes, yellow squash, peppers (green and jalapeno), cucumbers and basil. We might also plant some strawberries.

We also need to work in our yard and do some pruning and shaping. With all the wonderful abundance of rain we have had and recent warm weather, our plants have taken off and our yard is beginning to take on the attributes of a jungle. I love working in our yard and being outside in the sun and fresh air.

Do you have plans for a garden this year? What are you growing in yours?


Beth McC. said...

The weather in Nashville is AMAZING For the weekend! It looks like we have the same weekend plans! I am going to attempt the reaised flower beds!! Good Luck!

Beth said...

Are you building yours too, Beth? We are using Pioneer Woman's instructions for her raised bed boxes. I am going to try to get some photos this weekend and will post them. Have fun and enjoy your beautiful weather!

Holly said...

Hmm, I can't say that I'm really a gardening person, and also, it's going into winter here in NZ at the moment, so no, not so much gardening happening at my house right now! HAHA!

Beth said...

Hi Holly! I began gardening more just in the past 15 years. I was not really much of a gardener before. I was busy being a mommy to 4 kiddos, back in those days.

Summer Girl said...

The weather today is super nice and we should be in the garden today. However Grace took a late nap(in fact she is till sleeping now at almost 4pm)and then we are going to go haircuts. I can't wait to get out in the yard though. I was taking the trash out today and making a mental checklist of when and what I was going to do this spring outside.

Farmer Gal said...

First of all, glad you are all o.k. after that scary quake! I can't imagine. Here in the center of the continent, there's not much moving or shaking going on.

Secondly, yes, we ARE planning on a garden! A big one. I've kind of been writing about it over on my site. I'm excited to get the seeds in the ground and see things start growing. I hope we have some success!